Thursday, August 19, 2010

US Direct Protect

In commercial and consumer transactions, a warranty is a collateral assurance or guarantee that certain facets of an article or service sold is as factually stated or legally implied by the seller, and that often provides for a specific remedy such as repair or replacement in the event the article or service fails to meet the warranty. A breach of warranty occurs when the promise is broken, i.e., a product is defective or not as should be expected by a reasonable buyer. In business and legal transactions, a warranty is an assurance by one party to the other party that certain facts or conditions are true or will happen; the other party is permitted to rely on that assurance and seek some type of remedy if it is not true or followed.

US Direct Protect as member of VPA has a high rating on the BBB. They have interest of making free financing without a credit check. We have proprietary software that allows us to shop the top carriers for our customers. US Direct Protect Guarentees the best policy at the best price. This organization is one of the leading in car warranty and has various policies based on the requirement.

US Direct Protect is proud to offer a number of warranties and coverage. The plans are the most comprehensive coverage you can buy. These warranty policies only list the items that are not covered. Each of the policies is different. However, the majority of warranties added benefits and coverages such as: 24/7 roadside assistance,Car rental and travel interruption reimbursement, and many more

Even through these policies are called "bumper-to-bumper", they do not necessarily cover every part on your vehicle. we have to Make sure you read the policy to see exactly what is not covered.


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