Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UNIX Commands

All CPU online?

Check all HBA cards are connected
sudo luxadm -e port

check for disk errors (only for internal disks)
iostat –en

Ensure the system running in run level 3
who –r

dumpadm configuration enabled
sudo /usr/sbin/dumpadm

Ensure all filesystem have atleast 10 % free space
df –k

Ensure 40% free space available for swap
swap –l

is /tmp capped with max of 512MB
du -sk /tmp

Ensure all mount points are available listed in the /etc/vfstab
cat /etc/vfstab and compare it with df –k

Ensure timezone set to BST

ntp is connected to correct time servers
ntpq –p

DNS and gateway are correctly configured

NICs are FULL duplex
kstat -p :::'link_duplex'
dladm show-dev (Sol 10)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Forever in Love

Love Bytes
  • Consider issues from the other person's point of view.
  • Learn to forgive; and ask for forgiveness without hesitation.
  • Resolve issues immediately.
All about exchange

Believe marriage is one-way street - only receiving; whereas, its about exchange, where you accept the partner for what he/she is. Appreciate the positives; allow her / him to grow.

Your bitterness wells up when the partner doesn’t fit into your framework of right and wrong, does something in your do-not-approve-of list.

Do you think another person can live entirely on your approval ratings?

Expectations are conditions, selfishly made. Your partner isn’t play dough you can be role model to your liking. Look at the partner with understanding and objectivity.

Give love, but keep your space. It’s all about balancing your self-worth - i can do something well, others not-so-well.

When you talk, make eye contact. Find ways to laugh together. And learn to listen. This is a clear act of love, a solid start to increased marital harmony.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Juicing Apples Is Beneficial For Your Health!

Fresh apple juice conains a significant amount of vitamins A and C. You can mix your fruits and vegetables together to make different taste like carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, or melons.
Juice is an inexpensive way to improve your body health. Juices made from fresh fruits are a delicious way to improve your all around body health, and they also provide a great deal of nutrition. Apples can also be a primary source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a great way to prevent cholesterol buildup, which is found in the lining of blood vessel walls. This reduces the chance of atherosclerosis and heart disease. The insoluble fiber in apples provides bulk in the intestinal track. The water is then held and used to cleanse the intestinal track and moves food rapidly through the digestive system. Apple juice is a powerful cleanser and an important necessity for the health of your body.
For the elderly generation, drinking fruit juices should begin with apples, especially if you are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. This is because apples carry a substantial amount of potassium. For this reason, juicing your apples has been known to ease arthritis and rheumatism. Drinking apple juice also flushes out the liver and kidneys and is low in calories. Over time, this can reduce the chances of having liver or kidney disease.
Apples are not only good for your health, but they're also tasty. Improve your health and start juicing apples today!

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Smoking Effects on the Human Body

Toxic ingredients in cigarette causes damage in several ways, smoke travel throughout the body.
I has been found that Nicotine reaches the brain within 10 seconds after smoke is inhaled. even in every part of the body and in breast milk.
Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells, preventing affected cells from carrying a full load of oxygen.
Cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) in tobacco smoke will damage important genes that control the growth of cells.
The carcinogen benzo(a)pyrene binds to cells in the most major organs of smokers.
Smoking affects the function of the immune system and may increase the risk for respiratory and other infections.
There are several likely ways that cigarette smoke does its damage. contributing to the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and etc.
The body produces antioxidants to help repair damaged cells. Smokers have lower levels of antioxidants in their blood than do nonsmokers.
Smoking is associated with higher levels of chronic inflammation, another damaging process that may result in oxidative stress.
cigars have around 4000 toxic substances in them. of this 200 are cancer causing substance. a cigar reduces life span by 14 minutes. smokers lose 22-26 years of their life.

"Smoking is injurious to Health"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wayne Rooney

Full name
Wayne Mark Rooney
Date of birth
24 October 1985
Place of birth
Croxteth, Liverpool, England
5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Playing position

Wayne Mark Rooney is an English footballer who currently plays as a striker for English Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team.

Rooney began his career with Everton, joining their youth team at age ten and rising through the ranks. He made his professional debut in 2002 and his first goal made him the youngest goalscorer in Premier League history at the time. Before the start of the 2004–05 season he moved to Manchester United for £25.6 million and became a key member of the first team. Since then, he has won the Premier League three times, the 2007–08 UEFA Champions League and also the Football League Cup.

Rooney made his England debut in 2003 and at Euro 2004 he briefly became the competition's youngest goalscorer. He is frequently selected for the England squad and also featured in the 2006 World Cup.

Rooney's wife Coleen gave birth to their son, Kai Wayne Rooney, on 2 November 2009.

Sachin Tendulkar stats

Full name
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
April 24, 1973, Bombay , Maharashtra
Little Master, Grand Father
Batting style
Right-hand bat
Bowling style
Right-arm offbreak, Legbreak googly
5 ft 5 in

One-Day International Batting Statistics

Mat Inns Runs HS Ave SR 100

436 425 17178 186* 44.33 85.64 45

Out of 45 centuries in ODI India have lost 12 times.

In Test matches, Tendulkar has scored centuries against all the Test-cricket playing nations. He has scored a century in at least one cricket ground of all Test-cricket playing nations, except Zimbabwe.
Debut: India Vs Pakistan at National Stadium, Karachi - Nov 15, 1989

In ODIs, Tendulkar has scored centuries against 10 different opponents. He has scored centuries against all cricketing nations that have permanent One Day International status, except Bangladesh.
Debut: India Vs Pakistan at Jinnah Stadium, Gujranwala - Dec 18, 1989

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is actually a process or approach which attempts to consolidate all of a company's departments and functions into a single computer system that services each department's specific needs. It is, in a sense, a convergence of people, hardware and software into an efficient production, service and delivery system that creates profit for the company.

While the idea is easy to grasp in theory, the reality has been different.
  • Employee records (including payroll, medical and other benefits) are held by Human Resources.
  • Financial data and processing, which includes payroll computations and employee compensation as well as invoicing and billing for company products and services, are held by the Finance Department.
  • Production data is held by manufacturing. Inventories are held by warehousing.
  • Customer orders are held by Customer Relations.

The 'dream' of ERP is to have a single software solution integrating the different functions and activities into a seamless whole where information needed for decision-making is shared across departments, and the action taken by one department results in the appropriate follow-up action up and down the line.