Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UNIX Commands

All CPU online?

Check all HBA cards are connected
sudo luxadm -e port

check for disk errors (only for internal disks)
iostat –en

Ensure the system running in run level 3
who –r

dumpadm configuration enabled
sudo /usr/sbin/dumpadm

Ensure all filesystem have atleast 10 % free space
df –k

Ensure 40% free space available for swap
swap –l

is /tmp capped with max of 512MB
du -sk /tmp

Ensure all mount points are available listed in the /etc/vfstab
cat /etc/vfstab and compare it with df –k

Ensure timezone set to BST

ntp is connected to correct time servers
ntpq –p

DNS and gateway are correctly configured

NICs are FULL duplex
kstat -p :::'link_duplex'
dladm show-dev (Sol 10)

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