Monday, November 16, 2009

Forever in Love

Love Bytes
  • Consider issues from the other person's point of view.
  • Learn to forgive; and ask for forgiveness without hesitation.
  • Resolve issues immediately.
All about exchange

Believe marriage is one-way street - only receiving; whereas, its about exchange, where you accept the partner for what he/she is. Appreciate the positives; allow her / him to grow.

Your bitterness wells up when the partner doesn’t fit into your framework of right and wrong, does something in your do-not-approve-of list.

Do you think another person can live entirely on your approval ratings?

Expectations are conditions, selfishly made. Your partner isn’t play dough you can be role model to your liking. Look at the partner with understanding and objectivity.

Give love, but keep your space. It’s all about balancing your self-worth - i can do something well, others not-so-well.

When you talk, make eye contact. Find ways to laugh together. And learn to listen. This is a clear act of love, a solid start to increased marital harmony.

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