Thursday, September 30, 2010

Content Mixi

Looking to start up a new website or a web-blog ? Or rather re-design your old one or give it a new taste ? Many of us do tend to look out for something new to add up to our blog design. provides you with unique, feature specific , content specific or business or service specific web design templates. When you visit the website you can take a look at the different sections that provide you with a platform specific templates to choose from. The supported platforms include the mostly used wordpress blogging platform, Joomla Templates, Full website templates, Web page design templates, Newsletter templates & PSD templates. There are whole lot of categories to go through and choose your design template. The quality of the templates are outstanding.

You can also brwose through the LOGOS section that has many pre-built designs that you can insert as per your choice and demand. The website provides you with content that is uniquely written for you and the articles are on different topic and sense that suites your website category. The website also offers a variety of animation content that you can use while designing your website. There are a lot of ebooks and illustrations that can be used too.

If i say it as a whole, is a one stop shop for all your web designing needs.

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