Friday, April 16, 2010

Benefit of yoga during pregnency

During pregnancy, yoga is a best way to have a comfortable delivery. Every 3 months different poses of yoga are advised.

yoga poses will be completely depends with the body conditions,there will be do's and dont's for yoga during pregnancy. so attending a general class would be advisable comparative trying to practice from a book or the net.

Important guidelines

  • First 3 months is most important period, especially the women conceived late or complication the practice should be simple like stretching and should avoid the pose which affect the abodemen.
  • Second 3 months advisable to stop extreme stretches.
  • sixth month onwards one should avoid backward bend and forward bends
  • Pranayama practices must be learn only under guidance. This will help you to improve the stamina, energy.
  • Breath retention should be completely avoided.
  • Squats will help for easy delivery but women with the history of complication who must avoid it from sixth month onwards.

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