Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Tips For ICWAI exams.

(Just before exams)
  1. Make proper use of suggested answers especially before exams
  2. One day before exams do not study new topic but revise what you have already learn.
  3. Before exams spend some time writing on long ruled sheets. It will improve your speed and neatness. See some problems for practice.
  4. Use the same calculator before and during the exams
  5. In the exams, write the formulas, format, steps, assumptions, notes, working notes clearly.
  6. Stay for 3 hours in the exam hall.
  7. Even if you do not know anything, sit down, think hard and write neatly.
  8. Do not let the 'carry forward effect'. That is, if you do not do well in one paper, you should not let that affect your studies and exams of other papers.
  9. Do not discuss with your friends before and after the exams. Please discuss when all the exams are over (to improve your self).
  10. Make all your resource ready in advance, your pens, scale, writing pad, hall tickets, pencil, calculator, a file to keep your question papers after the exams, water bottle, carry bag etc at least one day before.
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