Monday, February 8, 2010

Affinion: Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

Nathaniel Lipman is President and CEO of Affinion Group. Affinion Group, Inc., a global leader in customer engagement solutions that enhance and extend the relationship and loyalty of millions of consumers of financial services, retail, hospitality and e-commerce companies. Through this specific type of marketing, members can promote their brand with additional benefits. Affinion
Group is a leading provider of customer engagement via their outreach of reaching new customers through 18 markets and strengthening customer relationships. Affinity partner receive tailored marketing plans specific to their company needs and also offer identity theft protection. Affinion recently addressed college students about the dangers of identity theft.

As a global leader with more than 35 years of experience, Affinion Group enhances the value of its partners' customer relationships by developing and marketing loyalty solutions. Many of the largest and most respected companies in financial services, retail, travel, and Internet commerce by leveraging its expertise in customer engagement, product development and targeted marketing. To strenghten the company Affinion provides programs in subscription-based lifestyle services, personal protection, insurance and other areas to help generate increased customer loyalty and significant incremental revenue.

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