Thursday, February 4, 2010


tty Displays what the tty/pty number of the terminal is.

termdef reports the termtype setup in smit for the tty port that termdef is run on.

chdev -l (device eg tty1) -a term=vt100 Sets tty to a vt100 terminal type

penable tty0 adds getty line into /etc/inittab for tty0 and starts getty

pdisable tty0 disables the getty line and disables getty

stty erase ^? Set backspace key for vt100 terminals

stty erase ^H Set backspace key for wyse50 terminals

lscons Displays the console device

chcons -a login=enable (device eg /dev/tty1) Changes the console device

lsdisp Display adapter device information

chdisp Change default display used by LFT subsystem

portmir -t /dev/tty0 Mirror current terminal onto /dev/tty0

portmir -o Turns off port mirroring

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