Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carlos Abadi

When I was in search of company for financial solution, I have went through Abadi and co. Abadi and co is founded by Carlos Abadi and now he is the President of Company. He is well known person and one of best enterprneur in recent era and he speaks seven languages, but remains down-to-earth with the help of his wife and three sons. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Abadi has risen to the top of the international finance ladder. Known for his philanthropic and academic endeavors, he is a philanthropist, family man and a pillar in the international finance world. Now Abadi and co specializes in different financial solution and well known investment bank in Latin America. Carlos Abadi has been in the international finance industry for 20 years. His company creates financial solutions and provides advice to emerging markets, government agencies and private sector companies. He recently donated for High Water Women's casino night which raised money for New York education, family homelessness and economic hardships. High Water Women Foundation's Fourth Annual Casino Night was held on April 2, 2009, to support the most vulnerable women and children in New York. Despite the economic climate, the event raised more than $542,000. He is one of sponsor for this high water women's foundation and at function casino night he was felicitated.

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